Split-seam tubular products. Cost effective, zero-waste alternatives.

Do you need a tubular product, or a solution that looks like a tube? Think about that for a moment. A tube is sealed all the way around for obvious applications such as the transfer of liquids or gasses. But the great majority of tubular applications don’t necessarily need a tube, but rather a solution that performs like one.

We take flat coiled stock, shear it, shape it and ship it at less cost—with no waste.

Split-seam tubular products are economical options to cut-to-length tubing and costly machined parts. Tubular components are used in various applications as spacers, stand-offs, compression limiters, rings, bushings, tubes, tension sleeves, roll pins, alignment dowels and couplers. All of these items function like a tube, without having the inherent cost of tube manufacturing, waste during the cutting process, as well as scrap.

Wisconsin Stamping split seam tubular products are manufactured utilizing modern, high-speed equipment and proprietary, flexible-tooling technology. Stock and custom configurations are available to meet specific requirements.

What do you need your tubular product to do? It’s all in the shape and the seam.

Does your tube need to be held securely in a plastic housing? Consider adding a diamond impression to the tube exterior to ensure injected plastic material fills the void. Need a tight fit without being molded in? We’ll deliver a tube with an open seam that can be compressed during insertion and will spring back to shape for a secure fit. Need a smooth interior surface to enable rotation without “catching?” An angled seam will enable such movement, for applications such as a caster in a chair. A notched seam will “lock” the edges together. Ask us about different seam options best suited for your application.

Skip the tooling charges—tap our extensive library first.

Our proprietary, flexible tooling technology and extensive library of more than 10,000 configurations eliminates the need for custom tooling in most applications. What’s more, we maintain a full in-house tool center capable of manufacturing tooling right when it’s needed and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

  • Interior Diameter 1/16″ to 3-5/16″
    (1.5mm to 84mm)

  • Outer Diameter 5/64″ to 3-1/2″
    (2mm to 89mm)

  • Length 1/8″ to 9″

  • Wall Thickness .010″ to .156″

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Economical, no waste options for traditional tubular products.