Welcome to state-of-the-art.

After more than 60 years, Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing is truly at home. In an effort to bring all services under one roof, we designed and built a new 120,000 square foot facility. It was an opportunity to start with a clean slate, a chance to design a facility to enable growth, and respond to customer requests faster.

Step inside and you’ll see an ISO 9001 facility geared for quick change-outs and responsiveness. An investment in an expansive tooling department takes days off quick turn requests. But while we have the facilities and the equipment, our biggest assets are the experienced people who know how to solve problems and fabricate  what you need efficiently.

We change raw metal into exactly what you need.

Virtually every type of metal fabrication service is housed here, from simple stamping operations to progressive dies, metal turning, manual and automated welding, CNC turning, laser cutting, thread rolling, wire forming and more. And rather than deliver components alone, our facility and experienced staff are fully capable of value-added assembly, finishing and other production services. So look to us for rapid turnaround and managed inventory programs, all geared to the way you work.

Interested in seeing more?

Contact us about visiting our facilities and learning more about how we can help your business with fabricated metal components and assemblies of every kind. If it can be made from metal, Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing can make it—and make it better.

Contact us at 888-236-8838 or solutions@wisconsinstamping.com