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After six decades, we’ve likely seen what you’re thinking.

There’s something to be said for experience—because the most impressive equipment list doesn’t demonstrate what you’ve actually accomplished. After six decades as a diversified manufacturer, Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing has worked with some of the world’s most successful and innovative companies.

Tubular products


Raschig Rings
Compression Limiters

Stamping products


Shallow Draw

Wire forming products


2D & 3D Forms
Thread Rolling

Machining products


Swiss CNC Turning

Fabrication products


Laser Cutting


Turning metal and composite stock into reliable solutions.

Our skilled machinists and technicians utilize cutting edge CNC turning and machining centers as well as computerized design and programming software to meet a wide range of production needs. Learn More


A part that costs pennies shouldn’t devalue a priceless reputation.

Split-seam tubular products are economical options to cut-to-length tubing and costly machined parts. Tubular components are utilized as spacers, stand-offs, compression limiters, raschig rings, bushings, tubes, tension sleeves, roll pins, alignment dowels and couplers. Learn More


Punched. Bent. Stamped. Metal loves how we handle it.

Look to us for stampings and assemblies fabricated from steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. Our in-house tool and die capabilities ensure the highest quality dies with fast turnaround. Learn More

Wire Forming

If it can be made from wire, WS&M can provide it.

With more than six decades of experience in the industry, we have refined and perfected our wire-forming processes and technologies to ensure cost-effective solutions. Our range of technologies and services enables us to provide unique solutions to our customers. Learn More


Stainless, aluminum, mild steel and more. Metal—it’s time to meet your maker.

We stamp, machine, form, and laser cut individual components to exacting standards. Then, we fabricate larger assemblies that are tested, finished and ready for the customer’s manufacturing line. Learn More

CNC/Swiss Machining

Swiss CNC Turning. One setup, multiple processes, unlimited efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art Swiss CNC turning equipment manufactures high-precision cylindrical components. Turning, milling, drilling, and reaming in a single setup eliminates most secondary operations and ensures extremely tight tolerances. Learn More

Travel the world over, or find everything you need in Wisconsin.

The most impressive equipment doesn’t demonstrate what you’ve actually accomplished. After six decades as a diversified manufacturer, Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing has delivered for some of the most successful corporations worldwide. Whether you need a unique assembly, a few hundred—or million—components, every one receives the same attention to detail.