Our engineers find ways to reduce costs and improve component and assembly designs every day.

DesignAssist. We won’t take your order until we know we can do it better.

It’s simple, really. The way we work, how we look at your component, and the experience we bring to bear on every job. We don’t just take an order, we ask a lot of questions and, in the end, strive to find ways to produce what you need more cost effectively.

The DesignAssist process

We start with a manufacturability assessment. Basic questions first: Can we build it? Because won’t pretend that we can do something, we’ll actually examine your needs and determine if we are a fit.

What you need, but not more than you need.

Next we move into the design review phase. We tear your product apart, examining tolerance requirements, material choices, fabrication options, expected lifecycle. Our mantra is “what you need, but not more than you need.” Ultimately, that results in saving money by examining your specifications and isolating key areas where your spec may call for more than is needed. We’ll also make recommendations to help reduce the number of parts, minimize welds and simplify the assembly process.

Material matters.

Cost is in the details, and we’re detail experts. Since material is priced by weight, anything we do to make it lighter reduces cost. We look at what gauge does the material truly need to be? Does it have to be stainless, or can it be rolled steel with zinc plating? If we don’t ask, you may never know if there’s another way to get it done.

Production intelligence.

Finally, we review production requirements. Here, we look at the most effective and efficient ways to produce the component or assembly. Is it better to laser cut a part or put it on press? How can we minimize handling by automating the metal forming process? Lots of little solutions add up to big savings.

Think DesignAssist from Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing. Save time and money and realize better designed, more dependable products.

“Wisconsin Stamping has been a pleasure to work with over the past decade plus…”

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“As all of our parts are special in nature it is refreshing to talk to knowledgeable people in an increasing computer part number based world. Our life would certainly be more difficult without their expertise.”

Vice President—Purchasing

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