The Raschig Ring is a cylinder of equal length and diameter used as radom tower packing in a variety of chemical processes and mass transfer applications.  Wisconsin Stamping manufactures Rachig Rings in a wide range of sizes designed to meet any application and from a variety of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, inconel and various alloys.      

The quality and consistency of Raschig Rings is critical to optimal function and performance in any separation process.  While it may appear that there is no difference in the operating characteristics of rings produced by particular manufacturers, this is not the case.  Both quality and operating characteristics vary widely among manufacturers of Raschig Rings.  Wisconsin Stamping produces the highest quality and most consistent rings in the industy.

Design Characteristics - Packing Data

 * 1 cu. ft. = .0283 cu. meters     +Weights shown for carbon steel 
**Additional Sizes and Material Thickness Available**       

History of the Raschig Ring

Before the invention of the tower packing shape by Frederick Raschig, packed columns were filled with quartz, broken glass bottles, broken pieces of pottery, or coke. Operating data obtained from one tower could not be used in a second tower as the packing material was not consistent.

The invention of the Raschig Ring gave the packed column consistency and dependability. Raschig Rings significantly improved the operating characteristics of the column, enabling the performance of the packed column to be duplicated in a second column of equal size.

Because of their low cost, Raschig Rings remain one of the most widely used tower packing materials.

General Capabilities

  • Metal Stamping

    • 30 stamping presses ranging from 5 tons to 220 tons, max. 3/8" thick material
  • Press Brake Forming
    • 5 press brakes up to 135 ton x 96"
  • Laser Cutting
    • 4000 watt laser
    • 60" x 120" shuttle table
  • CNC Turning
    • 4 CNC lathes
    • Bar feed from 0.250" up to 3.0" diameter
    • Chucking up to 12.0" diameter
    • Live axial and radial tooling, sub spindle turning, programmable tailstock
  • CNC Milling
    • 2 vertical CNC mills
    • Maximum machining envelope of 40" x 25" x 25"
  • Thread Rolling
    • #4 (0.112") throu 1.0"
    • UNC, UNF, metric, acme, knurling
  • Welding
    • MIG, TIG, and resistance (press) welding
    • Robotic welding (22"D x 36"W x 38"H)
    • Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  •  Automatic Cut-off Saw

    • 12" maximum diameter
  • Wire Forming
    • CNC wire forming with 3D SYNCRO head 0.092" to 0.500" diameter
    • Four-slide, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual forming 0.062" to 1.0" diameter
  • Tubular Spacers
    • 0.078" OD through 2.0" OD
    • 0.134" maximum wall thickness
  • Kitting and Assembly
    • Sub-assembly of fabricated and/or purchased components
    • Custom kitting, labeling, and packaging
  • Finishing
    • Tumble and vibratory deburring
    • Plating, heat treating, painting, etc subcontracted to customer specs
  • Hydraulic Corner/Edge Notching
    • 0.250" Maximum material thickness
  • Quality
    • Climate controlled lab w/ CMM
    • ISO 9001 Registered
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     ISO 9001 Registered


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